Yates Gear Shorty Screamer

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Shock absorbing sling designed to reduce peak loads in any climbing system! ...More information

Product description

The new SHORTY Screamer offers the exact same properties as the standard Screamer in a more compactly packaged unit.

Screamers have proven to be very successful in reducing loads to any anchor when it is stressed in excess of the activation force of the Screamer device.

When the Screamer activates, the action of the stitch ripping produces a loud tearing sound, indicating the system has reached the activation point of the Screamer(>2 kN). The activation point of a Screamer is consistently repeatable to +- 5% accuracy. (Screamers are very useful in documenting maximum loads in a given situation, such as their use in Rescue.) Screamers can be combined in series to double or triple the total absorption. Screamers can also be “ganged” to increase activation force and absorption.

Specifications and examples of use

Fall Factor Rope in System Fall Distance Impact force to climber Impact force to anchor without Screamer Impact force to anchor with Screamer & Shorty
2 10m 20m 9kN 9kN 6kN
1.99 10m 19m 8.9kN 15kN 12kN
1.7 10m 17m 8kN 14kN 11kN
1.5 10m 15m 13kN 8kN 10kN
1 10m 10m 6kN 11kN 7kN
.5 20m 10m 5kN 8kN 5kN
.33 30m 10m 4kN 7kN 4kN
.25 40m 10m 3.7kN 6.3kN 3kN
.125 40m 5m 3kN 5kN 2kN
.1 40m 4m 2.8kN 4.6kN 2kN
.05 40m 2m 2.3kN 3.8kN 2kN


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