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Metolius Alpine PAS

C$35.95Excl. tax

The Alpine PAS is a lightweight Personal Anchor System for fast ascents - it is over 40% lighter than the original! It is a safe, adjustable alternative to slings or quick draws that also stores compactly.

Black Diamond Link Personal Anchor

C$44.95Excl. tax

A durable personal anchor system with color-coded base and end loops for clip-in and tie-in identification, the Link provides a secure connection between you and the rock.

Metolius PAS 22 (Personal Anchor System)

C$44.00Excl. tax

The PAS 22 is made with double-wrapped 11 mm Monster webbing. Because of its chain-link-style construction, it is safer, more convenient, and more adjustable than using slings, quickdraws, or daisy chains at the anchor.