Rental Gear

Climb On Equipment rents gear for your climbing and alpine needs! 

Our Guarantee: You can count on us for your individual gear needs! You don't need a reservation since we will never turn you away! We will have stock available for any of the items we rent.

Climbing Shoes $10 $6
Harness $10 $6
Helmet $5 $3
Organic Big Pad $25 $15
Organic Combo Pad $25 $15
Crampons  $10 $6
Ice Axe $5 $3


If you're curious what type of climbing shoe, harness, and helmet we carry in our rental fleet, they are listed below. They all are dependent on your size. For instance, let's say you fit a size 38 EUR for climbing shoes. In this case, you may get the 5.10 shoe insstead of the Evolv shoe.

Climb On Rental Fleet

  1. Climbing Shoe - 5.10 Stonemaster or Evolv Titan VTR
  2. Harness - Mammut Ophir Rental
  3. Helmet - Petzl Elia or Elios


We rent kids climbing shoes, harness (full body and Wiz Kid), and helmets - Kids 12 and under will get the additional day price even for their first day! (Not including bouldering pads)

HALF DAY - 3pm to close

Half day rentals are for rentals made after 3pm for return on the same day.

This means you pay the Additional Day price instead of the Full Day price.


Rentals can be picked up anytime of the day.

Half Day rates are available at 3pm to closing.

A Single Day Rental = pick up and return the same day (before our closing hours).


Are you a guide looking to rent a large amount of gear for clients or courses? Please call or contact us for special guide rates and reservations. Although we do not accept reservations for individual items we can do so for large bulk rental gear, making at easy for you to pick up in the morning before a course. or 604-892-2243


All our rental gears will require a security deposit. We make a pre-authorization on your credit card. The funds are not actually charged to the card, unless the gear is lost or damaged.

If you do not have a credit card, you can leave a cash deposit or we can make a charge on your debit card, in these cases we would actually hold the deposit until your return.

Damage and/or late fees will be processed separately.

You are responsible for returning all rental equipment in good, working condition. If the equipment you return is damaged, needs repair, or requires cleaning, you’re responsible for those costs. You will be charged the full retail value for lost, stolen, or destroyed rental equipment.