The Climb On Staff

The staff at Climb On Equipment consists of industry geniuses, tech nerds and gearheads, athletes, lovers of the mountains, and outdoor enthusiasts. Learn more about our staff!


Ashley grew up around coastal BC and moved to Squamish as a young adult in 2003. She had no idea what wonders Squamish held! With very little outdoor experience, being introduced to rock climbing was a life changing event. Her second time climbing was at the Smoke Bluffs, where she quickly took to traditional climbing, sport and bouldering a few years later. Old school mentors like Harry Robert Young and Al Douglas showed her the ropes and introduced her to multi-pitch rock climbing.

Ashley loves all the activities Squamish has to offer. She's an avid backcountry skier and a mountain biker, but her first passion is climbing and she takes any opportunity she can to travel for climbing. Come shoulder season, you usually won't find her at work, but off on a climbing adventure.

Ashley is an expert climbing shoe fitter, knowledgeable on gear and has a passion for fashion. Ashley loves finding new and colourful climbing apparel for Men and Women to stock at Climb On. She is always on the lookout for unique, functional, culturally significant climbing brands that our customers would love.

Fun Fact: Ashley wasn’t very athletic as a kid and would often cry at softball games and skip gym class if possible. Now she loves all outdoor fun and participates in fitness activities multiple times per week!

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BC born and raised Katy started climbing as a 12 year old girl when her whole family took a guided rock course at Fleming Beach bouldering area in Victoria, BC. From that moment on she knew she needed rock climbing in her life. Katy is an accomplished alpine and rock climber who has gone on many international expeditions. She loves sea kayaking, skiing, and gardening.

Before Climb On, Katy spent 10 years working for Mountain Equipment Co-op and now is the half owner of Climb On. Katy is the mastermind behind finding us the best product mix that our customers love. If you have any hard technical questions about rock climbing equipment, Katy can find you the answer!

These days Katy can be found projecting hard trad lines with her husband Kelly, or teaching her daughter Ruby to climb at the Smoke Bluffs.

Fun Fact: Katy has been the recipient of many alpine grants and gone on many American and international expeditions. If you are a young person wondering how to fund your next adventure, she may have some tips for you!

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Although not a rock climber herself, Karen has lived and done a lot of activities in Squamish for many years. She not only raised 4 boys here, but she knows all the hiking trails and is a great source for any local beta! Karen has been working with Ashley since 2010 and is the glue that holds the place together. She is a merchandising master, knows our stock inside out, and is ready to help you prepare for your next adventure.

Fun Fact: Karen loves traveling and has already visited 30+ countries! Some of her most memorable countries includes Botswana, Colombia, and Peru, to name a few. The most interesting country she’s been to is Vanuatu. She learned that Vanuatu is where bungee jumping originated from and is seen as a right of passage for a boy to become a man. They would tie vines around the boy's ankles and throw him over a cliff. If he survived, he was a man!


Nic Vissers is a BC boy and a totally obsessed gear head. Nic is a technical expert when it comes to gear! He can get really nerdy with about some gear so consider this your warning. He is a passionate photographer as well.  An avid climber, alpinist and lifelong skier, Nic started climbing indoors at the age of 16. A few months later, he visited Squamish for the first time and was hooked. The summer after highschool he moved into his truck and dedicated himself fully to rock climbing and started working at climbing gyms. He now takes every opportunity he can to get into the mountains. Nic is a great source of climbing beta for all disciplines.

Fun Fact: In 2016, when Nic was climbing at the Waddington Range, two fighter jets flew off the Glacier within 100m of him while he was on a hanging belay at pitch 16 of Tiderman Tower!

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Jared is Climb On's seasonal Go-To-Guy. He is a dirtbag transient, who lives in a van with his adorable dog Mona. Jared loves rock climbing and is willing to live off of just crackers and peanut butter to achieve his climbing goals.

His main disciplines are sport and bouldering, so he is the best source for bouldering info. Talk to Jared before your next day out and get his boulder problems or sport route recommendations!

Fun Fact: Despite his rock-hard 12-pack abs and handsome manly look, Jared is actually a soft spoken sweetheart. He is also an E9 Team Canada Ambassador!

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Born in the Philippines, Soleil moved to Canada at age 9. While living in Toronto, Soleil saw pictures and read about our amazing coastal mountains. In 2012, she decided to drive from Ontario to BC, with the intention of learning a lot about mountaineering and rock climbing. She was able to gain some valuable skills and knowledge from the Alpine Club of Canada, but also from asking (way too many) questions to her perceptive colleagues at Climb On. She acknowledges that she still has a lot to learn, and loves to hear people’s rock climbing strategies or any credible insight on alpine equipment and safety.

Fun Fact: Around 2015, Soleil quit her Front End Developer job to do an All-Women's self-guided expedition to Aconcagua in Mendoza, Argentina. They attempted the Polish Glacier route, but was only able to reach a high-point of 6000 meters. Although they didn't reach the summit, the experience was one she and her comrades would remember for the rest of their lives.

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