Learn to Rock Climb

Learn to rock climb with Vancouver Mountain Guides. VMG is in proud partnership with Climb On. Participants of VMG can shop here with 10% off and receive discounted climbing shoe rentals.

Why Choose Vancouver Mountain Guides?

  • Personal and professional guides will teach new skills to challenge you while respecting your limits and maintaining your safety.
  • Learn from professionals with 28 years of climbing experience from ice, mixed, alpine, rock, and big walling.
  • VMG guides are ACMG certified, and they practice the most recent industry standards.
  • They are First Aid certified, have CPR level C, and are Wilderness First Responders.

VMG guides use a 5 part teaching model to convey knowledge of technical skills:

  1. Introduce skill
  2. Demonstrate skill
  3. Student practice
  4. Coaching
  5. Evaluate & Summarize

Courses Offered:

Master your rock climbing skills with Vancouver Mountain Guides.
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Level 1 Rock
The ideal course for gym climbers to transition to outdoor climbing!
Level 2 Rock
The ideal course for learning to lead climb outdoors on bolts!
Level 3 Rock
The ideal course for learning to trad climb!
Level 4 Rock
The ideal course for learning multi-pitch or needing a refresher!
Rescue Rock
The ideal course for learning self-rescue and how to handle emergencies!
Aid Rock
The ideal course for learning to aid climb and is the first step to big wall climbing!

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