Job Opportunities

Want to work with us? Climb On is seeking a Part-Time or Full-Time Permanent Consignment Manager and Merchandising Lead to join our team. Flexible Start Date (January 2018 or Later)



Retail Merchandising and Consignment Manager


  • Provide exceptional customer service at all times, keeping the customers needs first.
  • Maintain high store standards in merchandising (especially apparel and accessories), refreshing displays, organizing and re-stocking front and back end merchandise, both new and consignment.  Keep the store fresh, easy to navigate, and eye appealing to customers.
  • Be 100% responsible to accepting, rejecting and managing consignment inventory and consignee relationships.
  • Take a lead role in store tidying, through doing it yourself and working with floor managers to assign tasks to others.

Your Qualities:

  • Excellent customer service and people skills are a must have!  
  • Previous retail experience an asset.
  • You are a mature, detailed oriented person.
  • You have the ability to multitask in a sometimes fast paced environment: customer to customer, task to task, or task to customer.
  • You are an avid outdoors person who loves sharing your excitement with others!
  • Strong existing knowledge base in outdoor apparel types and fashions.
  • You have a wide basic range of knowledge, and personal interest in various outdoor adventure sports, including rock climbing, hiking, camping and winter sports (ski, snowboard etc…).
  • You keep busy, you always need to be working and moving, this is a task focused position.
  • You are detail oriented, organized, and an initiative taker. You identify needs and address them without being told.
  • You have a logical mind and can organize backstock making it easy for staff to find stock.
  • You can confidently direct and remind staff to maintain the organizational systems you create.
  • You understand how customers shop the store so you are able to make the store easy and appealing to navigate.
  • You have the ability to assess resale value of second hand outdoor goods and apparel (with training of course). You are not afraid to say NO, and are comfortable making decisions and sticking to them (following consignment guidelines).  
  • You feel comfortable managing consignee customer relationships through in-store, phone, or email communication.
  • For part-time option you have a basic understanding of rock climbing equipment and disciplines with willingness to learn.  
  • For Full Time option you have an advanced understanding of rock climbing equipment and confidence needed to engage in technical conversations with customers, understand the customers climbing equipment needs and make recommendations. As well as a basic understanding of snow and alpine  sports, such as ski touring, mountaineering and alpinism.


  • Flexible Schedule for the right person. We can offer a combination of scheduled floor shifts and flexible task oriented shifts for someone who is self driven and can work independently.
  • This position is best suited for a very tidy, very visual oriented person. Merchandising is an artform and consignment takes a high degree of critical assessment!  Maintaining consignee relationships can also be challenging as we need to be very picky on what we can and cannot accept, while still maintaining good relationships for consignees. Pricing needs to be fair for buyer and seller.

Part-Time Requirements and Benefits:

  • Available 15 to 20 hours per week, shifts may run between 5 hours and 10 hours 7:30 am to 9pm. Preferably available 1 day of the weekend or occasional weekends.
  • Basic understanding of rock climbing as a sport and rock climbing equipment in general. Basic understanding of Snowsports. We are willing to teach the right person.
  • Flexible vacation time, during slow season.  
  • Great gear and apparel deals for you and your immediate family!

Full-Time Requirements and Benefits:

  • Available 30- 40 hours, shifts may run between 5 hours and 10 hours 7:45 am to 8:30pm. We are open 7 days a week and you MUST be available at least 1 day of each weekend.
  • You have a strong knowledge base in rock climbing and personal interest in rock climbing, especially traditional and multi-pitch climbing or mountaineering. Confident engaging in rock climbing related conversations.
  • You have intermediate knowledge of snow and alpine sports such as alpinism, mountaineering and backcountry sking.
  • Flexible vacation time during slow season.
  • Extended health and dental benefits through the chamber of commerce.
  • Great gear and apparel deals for you and your immediate family!

Bonus Skills:

These skills are not a requirement but having some of them may open up opportunities for growth within our business. Please indicate on your resume or cover letter if you have any of the following skills:

  • Experience any outdoor adventure activities such as climbing, hiking or winter backcountry travel.
  • Small Business Management
  • Experience in retail and inventory management, if so what systems did you use.
  • Experience in e-commerce, shipping, receiving, data entry.
  • Word, Excel, Numbers, Sheets.
  • Experience using gmail, google drive (docs, sheets).
  • Photoshop - basics such as photo cropping, canvas size etc.
  • Illustrator or similar: ability to design simple images.
  • Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, blogs of any sort. Do you have a public profile? If so please include a link on your resume.