Customer Support

We are here to help! If you have any questions about the products on our site or would want to double-check the current weather in Squamish, feel free to contact us. Our staff enjoys talking about climbing equipment and climbing shoes! Feel free to call us if you have questions about fit and style, or if you require a certain type of climbing or alpine gear.

Please call us in-store for an immediate response during our store hours.

Phone: 1-877-48-CLIMB // 604-892-2243

You can also email us for general inquiries or for any questions you may have about our store and products. We typically respond within 1-2 business days via email. Thank you!

[email protected] 

For Work and Rescue orders — Items are available for Special Order. If we currently do not have a certain item in-stock or you'd like to Order items that we do not have online, we will try to provide the item for you. Send us an email!

[email protected] 

Hours Open Season
9am-7pm SPRING
(Mid-March to Early-May)
8am-8pm SUMMER
(May to BC Labour Day)
9am-7pm FALL
(After BC Labour Day to Late September)
10am-7pm WINTER
(October to Mid-March)
1 Store Updates
1.1 COVID-19 Store Update

September 2020: Masks are mandatory to wear in-store. We supply disposable masks and a hand sanitizer station by the front door. Thank you for your continued cooperation and hope to see you soon!

June 2020: Welcome back! We are practising health and safety precautions that WorkSafe BC has laid out to ensure the saftey of our employees and customers. Our health and safety measures include:

  • Practising physical distancing in-store.
  • Providing a hand washing station outside our store and hand sanitizers in-store. We encourage you to wash your hands outside before entering.
  • Posting our occupancy limit of 6 people in-store.
  • Using acrylic protective shields at our Cash Registers.
  • Enhancing cleaning and disinfecting protocols.
  • Encouraging contactless payment methods.
  • Providing in-store pickup option in our online store for quick package retrieval.

Our summer hours are 8AM to 8PM. We look forward to seeing you in-store soon! If you can't make it, contact us. We're still here for you at

We plan to resume accepting consignment late June. If you have some great second hand outdoor gear to sell, please set it aside for now and bring it to us in late June or early July.

⚠ Shipping Disruption Alert due to COVID-19

Canada Post Service guarantees to continue providing timely and reliable service. But to be safe, give their people time, and to manage potential challenges, Canada Post has suspended On-time Delivery Guarantees for all parcel services, until further notice. Delivery Service Alerts

1.2 Where is your new location?

JULY 6 2020: Climb On Equipment is at a new location! Our old location at 38167 2nd Avenue is CLOSED.

Our new location is at 37873 Cleveland Ave.

We urge customers to practice physical distancing when entering our store.

See you at our new location soon!
From the Climb On Team

2 My Order
2.1 Why did my order not go through?

Q: "I am trying to complete my online order but the notification says that the Payment Failed."

Q: "I keep getting Awaiting Payment emails."

When you run into Payment Failures or if you receive an "Order Awaiting Payment Notification" email, it means your order has not passed the payment process. A customer has entered the postal code that does not match the postal code with their card-issuing bank.

To remedy this issue, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account. If you did not start an account with us, Create an Account with the same email address you made the order with. It should retrieve any past orders you made with us.
  2. Once you're logged in, click to Edit Billing Address and change the address to match with your card-issuing bank. Click Save.
  3. Click My Orders to view all your Orders.
  4. Go to your most recent order with the status "Awaiting Payment".
  5. Under the "Payment" heading for the order, click on the "Pay Now" link or scroll to the bottom and hit the "Pay Now" blue button.
  6. Follow the payment steps.
2.2 How do I check my order?

You can check your order by logging into your account.

If you ordered without starting an account (ordered as a guest), you can Create an Account with the same email address you made the order with. It should retrieve all your orders with us automatically and the history of your orders can be viewed.

If you still need help with your order, please send us an email or call us.

3 Loyalty Points
3.1 What is the Loyalty Points Program?

Our In-Store Loyalty Points Program unlocks special offers and what you could get next time you shop in-store!

For every dollar (before tax) that you spend in-store (or online), you will get a point ($1 = 1 point)

Reaching 500 and 1000 points will unlock a special offer (offers change per year).

3.2 Can I still earn points when purchasing online?

Yes, you are still earning points when you purchase products at our online shop!

If you started the Loyalty Points program with us in-store and would like to purchase online, create an online account with the same email address that you gave us in-store. This will sync your in-store and online accounts properly, and your points will be merged.

If you would like to start the Loyalty Points program online and can't come into the store, create an online shopping account with us and Click Here to sign up for our Loyalty Points Program. Use the same email address from your online shopping account. You will begin earning points with every online (and future in-store) purchases!

3.3 Can Loyalty Points be used online?

For the moment, your rewards from the points earned in our Loyalty Points Program can be used for in-store purchases. Contact Us if you'd like to send over the rewards with an online purchase!

3.4 What are the rewards offered?

The offered rewards changes yearly! When you sign up to our Loyalty Points Program, you will receive a monthly digest email that mentions the rewards.

4 Special Orders
4.1 Work and Rescue Special Order

Work and Rescue items are available for Special Order. If we currently do not have a certain item in-stock or you'd like to Order items that we do not have online, we will try to provide the item for you.

For Industrial Special Orders, please e-mail Kris at [email protected] and include the following:

  • Subject: Special Order
  • Name/Company and Contact information.
  • Item(s) you'd like to special order and how many you need.
  • Example: 3 x NEW ENGLAND KMIII 10.5MM FULL SPOOL - Safety Green colour

We typically respond within 5 Business Days. Thank you!

Free Shipping within Canada for orders above $150 before tax.
Flat Rate of $20 when shipping to the States.
Flat Rate of $10 in Canada, for orders below $150.
Work and Rescue items are available for Special Order. Contact Us!