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Beastmaker Hangboard 1000 Series

C$169.00Excl. tax

Best Hangboard on the Market! Even Alex Honnold trains on the BEAST!

Beastmaker Hangboard 2000 Series

C$169.00Excl. tax

The best hangboard on the market. The Beastmaker hangboards have been perfectly designed to be as ergonomic as possible and avoid tweaks. Made with a fine textured wood, make you a beast in no time. Wood is good!

Beastmaker Beast Maintainer Sander

C$10.00Excl. tax

This little bad boy is designed to help you get the most of your skin. You can use it to sand off any uneven, gnarly bits that appear which can lead to tears/splits. You can also use it to keep old splits at bay by removing the hard crack-prone skin that