Petzl RAD Line - 6.0mm x 30m

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Hyperstatic cord, ultra-light and compact, designed for skiers doing crevasse rescue, rappelling or roping up on a glacier ...More information

Product description

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The Petzl RAD LINE 6mm is an ultra-light and compact cord, designed for skiers doing crevasse rescue, rappelling or roping up on a glacier. Hyperstatic and with rough-textured sheath for excellent grip, it facilitates rope maneuvers and handling.


  • Ultra-light: only 22 grams per meter 
  • Specific sheath construction:
    - compatible with the TIBLOC and MICRO TRAXION ascenders, thanks to the special Dyneema® and aramid-reinforced sheath
    - rough-textured sheath for better handling and descent control when rappelling, and to aid in braking when arresting a crevasse fall 
  • Hyperstatic: cord elongation of less than 2 %, to facilitate and improve efficiency of rescue maneuvers, and also to eliminate the yo-yo effect during rappels or fall arrest in a crevasse

NB: a precise description of the possible uses for this cord is found in the RAD SYSTEM Product Experience (click here)

  • Only the MICRO TRAXION and the TIBLOC (with ATTACHE carabiner) were confirmed suitable for use with the RAD LINE cord. Do not use any other ascender with the RAD LINE, or any other rope less than 8 mm in diameter with the MICRO TRAXION or TIBLOC.
  • Compatibility test between MICRO TRAXION and other Dyneema cords of less than 8 mm in diameter:
    • Wide range of results: cord sheath breakage observed at between 1.7 and 5.5 kN.
  • Source: RAD LINE: small diameter hyperstatic cord


  • Ideal Use:-
  • Diameter:6 mm
  • Weight:22 g/m
  • Elongation (%):less than 2 %
  • Sheath Slippage (%):-
  • Sheath Amount:-
  • Core Amount:-
  • Strength w/ sewn termination:-
  • Strength tied w/ figure-eight knot:-
  • Certification(s):CE EN 564
  • Material(s):Polypropylene, Dyneema, Aramid



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