Petzl Djinn Axess 6 pack, 12cm 2019

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Pack of six durable quickdraws for rock climbing ...More information

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Reliable and durable, the DJINN AXESS quickdraw is especially suited for rock climbing. DJINN carabiners have a wide rope contact zone to limit rope drag and provide greater durability for both carabiner and rope. The design of the bent gate allows the rope to be clipped efficiently. The Keylock system prevents the carabiner from snagging when clipping and unclipping. The pack contains six 12 cm DJINN AXESS quickdraws with blue bent gate carabiners.


  • Reliable and durable quickdraws: 
    - very reliable DJINN carabiner gate mechanism 
    - H-shaped cross-section offers an optimized strength/weight ratio 
    - wider rope and anchor contact surfaces for better rope glide and reduced wear on the carabiner 
    - durable AXESS quickdraw sling
    - STRING quickdraw sling protector maintains the proper orientation of the rope end carabiner and protects the carabiner attachment loop from wear 
  • Easier to use for clipping and unclipping:
    - large gate opening makes the carabiner easy to use 
    - Keylock system designed to reduce the chance of snagging when clipping and unclipping 
    - larger frame size is easier to grab 
  • Available with 12 cm sling and DJINN carabiner with blue bent gate


  • Major axis strength: 23 kN
  • Minor axis strength: 8 kN
  • Open gate strength: 9 kN
  • Gate opening: 24 mm straight gate; 27 mm bent gate
  • Capacity: 24 mm 
  • Material(s): aluminum carabiner, polyester webbing, rubber STRING
  • Certification(s):  
    • carabiner: CE EN 12275 type B, UIAA
    • sling: CE EN 566, UIAA


  • Ideal Use:Sport / Trad
  • Weight:107 g
  • Gate Type:Solid - Straight and Bent
  • MBS-Major:22 kN
  • Certification(s):-


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