Maxim 9.8mm Platinum Rope

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The first dynamic climbing rope on the market with a permanent connection between core and sheath, the Maxim Platinum 9.8mm x 70m dry rope holds up to hard use and glides easily through quickdraws. ...More information

Product description

  • Brand:Maxim
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MAXIM® PLATINUM® is the world’s first climbing rope with a permanent connection between core and cover. This feature as well as a braided middle marking and the unique Warning Track tracer system offer increased safety in every use. MAXIM® PLATINUM® is perfectly well suited for projecting, multi-pitch climbing, big wall climbing and ice climbing.


  • Middle mark: The middle section of the rope shows a yellow tracer woven into the rope’s pattern. This yellow middle mark helps climbers to easily identify the middle of the rope even in a rope bag. 
  • Warning Track Tracer: On both ends, the rope incorporates a red tracer that works like a warning light. The number tracer increases over a length of six meters to nearly solid red. This way, the climber is warned when reaching the end of the rap.
  • 2x-Dry Treatment (UIAA): MAXIM® PLATINUM® features Endura 2x-DRY treatment to add water-repellency to the core and the cover. With minimum water intake, the rope is also UIAA water-repellent.
  • Permanent connection between core and cover
  • UIAA sharp edge resistant: The MAXIM® PLATINUM® is abrasion resistant due to its unique construction. It easily passes the UIAA sharp edge resistant test, and our MAXIM athletes are convinced of its durability and abrasion resistance.
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  • Ideal Use:Multi-pitch
  • Rope Type:Single ①
  • Diameter:9.8 mm
  • Weight per meter (g/m):60.7 g/m
  • Impact Force:8.3 kN
  • UIAA Factor Falls:5-6
  • Dynamic Elongation :31.3%
  • Static Elongation:5.5%
  • Sheath Amount:
  • Core Amount:
  • Rope Treatment:Endura 2x-DRY, UIAA water-repellent
  • Middle Mark:Yes
  • Manufactured In:USA


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