Climbing Shoes for Kids

We like them snug...but not too tight! OUCH! Feel free to call us (1-877-48-CLIMB) and talk to an experienced shoe fitter before making your purchase.

Rock Climbing Shoes for Kids

When kids start climbing for the first time, they will grab hold of large holds which are big enough to support a large portion of the kids' foot. At this stage, no climbing shoes are needed. They can wear regular shoes. However, when a kid begins to climb slightly more difficult routes and you see the tennis shoes slipping off the smaller foot holds, then it is time to move into a kids climbing shoe! Here are some helpful pointers.

  • Pain sucks for anyone. If kids are not used to climbing shoes, as a rule of thumb, it's better to find a snug fit, otherwise climbing would feel miserable. At this point, comfort is more important than sticking.
  • Kids' feet are still growing! A little room for comfort and growth is better than too tight.
  • Look for a soft feeling shoe with room in the toe box. The toes should be able to wiggle, but not slip side to side.