Furnace Industries Dry Ice Tools

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DRY ICE Tools are Indoor Ice Axes used by looping stiff rubber straps over the holds used in rock climbing gyms. ...More information

Product description

DRY ICE Tools mimic the movement and body positions used while Mixed and Ice climbing. It's no secret that rock climbing on many different types of rock makes you a better rock climber. We believe that many different types of climbing can also make you a better climber. Use DRY ICE Tools to diversify your time in the gym.  Indoor training doesn't have to be just rock climbing anymore. By thinking outside the gym, DRY ICE Tools help climbers rapidly increase their library of climbing moves.


Alan Posted on March 24, 2017 14:14

Picked up a pair of these tools this season. I can honestly say they made a big difference in my climbing. I felt more confident leading, I felt stronger, and on my first day out I felt like I had been ice climbing all season. Highly recommended.

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