Flashed Ninja Bouldering Pad

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Looking for big protection that folds up like a small taco? Look no further. The Ninja's light foam is stiff enough to effectively disperse the force of freefall. ...More information

Product description

  • Brand:Flashed
  • Availability: In stock (1)
  • Delivery time:In-Store Pickup Only

This mat is fast and light, just like its namesake. Big protection that folds up like a small taco, when laid open, effectively disperses the force of freefall. Look no further, Flashed has perfected fast and light.


  • Taco folding design.
  • 3½ inches of high quality foam, stacked closed-cell over open-cell for great force dispersal and no bottoming out.
  • Landing surface is good for comfy lounging and cleaning shoes.
  • Closure system secures tightly.
  • Butterfly strap at bottom keeps the gear inside.
  • Cargo pocket located in the mat for all your valuables.
  • Innovative Flashed Bling Buckles.
  • Padded waist belt and shoulder straps for comfortable carry.
  • Brightly coloured drag handles for ease of movement.
  • Reinforced bar tacks at high stress points.

MADE IN Republic of KOREA.

**Due to high shipping cost, bouldering pads that are purchased online needs to be picked-up IN STORE. If you would like to purchase a pad AND want it shipped, please e-mail us.*


  • Weight:5.5kg / 12lbs
  • Closed Size:42" x 20" x 12"
  • Open Size:50” x 36” x 3.5”
  • Shell:1000-denier nylon


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