Edelrid Bulletproof Set

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An extremely robust sport climbing quickdraw set with steel insert in lower carabiner to prevent premature wear. ...More information

Product description

Sport climbing, especially repeated working of a route, puts a lot of strain on a singular quickdraw for an extended amount of time. The Edelrid Bulletproof Set is a lightweight, high-performance quickdraw designed to last longer and take more abuse than ordinary sport draws.

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  • H-profile construction ensures best possible use of material and minimal weight.
  • One bullet carabiner and one bulletproof carabiner with keylock closure for optimal handling when clipping/ unclipping.
  • Steel insert in lower carabiner prevents premature wear due to rope friction.
  • High-strength 15/ 22 mm narrow/wide polyamide quickdraw sling.
  • Antitwist fixing to hold lower carabiner in place.


  • Ideal Use:Sport climbing
  • Weight:[12cm] 117 g
  • Gate Type:Straight gate (upper ), Bent gate with steel insert (lower)
  • MBS-Major:24 kN (Bent gate)
  • Certification(s):-


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