DMM Phantom Colour 5 Pack
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DMM Phantom Colour 5 Pack

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This coloured 5-pack of DMM Phantom wire gate carabiners is designed to enhance the racking ease of your cams - each colour syncs in with the various DMM cam ranges, whether it be Demons, Dragons, 4CUs or 3CUs.  ...More information

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  • Brand:DMM
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The DMM Phantom wire gate is one of the world's lightest carabiners. However the weight isn't the end of the matter, as the Phantom is also very strong (24 kN major axis & 7 kN minor axis) and yet remains a fully functional size. Ideal for high altitude climbing, though not perhaps if you are wearing extremely thick gloves.


  • Original super lightweight wire gate biner
  • Strong and lightweight I-Beam construction
  • Rope groove to locate rope correctly


  • Gate Type:Wire
  • Lock Type:Non-locking
  • Shape:D-shape
  • Gate Opening Size:22 mm
  • Closed Gate Strength:23 kN
  • Open Gate Strength:9 kN
  • Cross Loaded Strength:7 kN
  • Weight:28 g (per carabiner)


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