DMM Anodized Wallnut Nut

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A set of DMM Wallnuts, usually with double ups in the small to medium sizes, is the basis of a good quality rack. Think of it as the platform upon which you can build your own personalized system. ...More information

Product description

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Wallnuts use a traditional curved convex / concave face design for stability in straightforward constrictions. These are matched with unique scoops on the concave faces and cut-outs on the convex faces of the larger units to accommodate irregularities and allow desperately shallow placements. Add the transverse taper for sideways placement in flares and you have a very versatile piece of pro.


  • Classic shaped alloy nuts on wire
  • 11 sizes
  • Colour coded for easy recognition and compatibility with other brands
  • Pack sizes 1-11, 1-6 and 7-11 available
Variant Weight Strength Colour
Wallnut 1 15g 7kN Purple
Wallnut 2 26g 9kN Green
Wallnut 3 28g 11kN Silver
Wallnut 4 30g 12kN Gold
Wallnut 5 32g 12kN Blue
Wallnut 6 39g 12kN Red
Wallnut 7 40g 12kN Grey
Wallnut 8 45g 12kN Turquoise
Wallnut 9 50g 12kN Gold
Wallnut 10 56g 12kN Silver
Wallnut 11 68g 12kN Green
Wallnuts 1-6 168g - -
Wallnuts 3-8 214g - -
Wallnuts 7-11 257g - -
Wallnuts 1-11 425g - -


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