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Digit Climbing V-Mobs

Digit Climbing V-Mobs
Digit Climbing V-Mobs
Digit Climbing V-Mobs
Digit Climbing V-Mobs
Digit Climbing V-Mobs
Digit Climbing V-Mobs
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You are looking for a versatile tool, which serves as a training tool, but also allows you to warm up everywhere before your climbing sessions. The V-MOBS is the perfect tool. Read more..

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With more than a dozen different grips, you can easily vary your training sessions. With its flat and incut crimps of different depths, various pinchs, mono and three-fingers, you will only have to choose the type of training adapted to your planning.

Unlike other hangboards, the V-MOBS requires virtually no adjustment. Use the v-mobs for suspension, lifting loads to work your pinches, replace traditional tools in the training rooms.


  • Sizes of crimps incut: 6mm-8mm-10mm-18mm
  • flat crimps sizes including three fingers: 10mm-14mm-15mm-15mm-18mm-18mm-20mm-24mm-24mm-25mm-38mm
  • Single finger: 35 mm
  • Dimensions: L: 7 inches w: 5 inches h: 2 inches
  • 6mm sterling rope

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