Can't come into our store to view the newest products we got for training? We've got you covered. View our training collection. Also, read this great gear review: Best Hangboards For Training

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Morph Alpha Collapsible Foam Roller

The most portable/storable foam roller in the world, the Mor...

Lattice Training & Coaching Multiblock Sandpaper Pack

Lattice has made sure that all their sanding Multiblocks are...

Lattice Training & Coaching Multiblock 18mm Pair

The ultimate skin care & fingerboard training accessory comb...

Lattice Training & Coaching Lifting Pin

The Lattice Lifting Pin is the perfect companion to Lattice'...

Lattice Training & Coaching Mini Bar

Warm-up and train anywhere with this lightweight, travel-siz...

Lattice Training & Coaching Crimp & Pinch Block

The product features a number of grip sizes and positions in...

Lattice Training & Coaching Micros

Designed to progress your finger strength all the way from s...

Lattice Training & Coaching End Caps for Lattice Rung

A set of end caps for your Lattice Testing and Training Rung...

Lattice Training & Coaching Triple Rung

The Lattice Triple Rung is the latest fingerboard in a line ...

Lattice Training & Coaching Testing and Training Rung

The Lattice Rung is a testing and training tool designed to ...

Tension Climbing Flash Board

Portable and compact training tool for rock climbing.

Wave Tools Therapy Riptide Sport Cupping Set

Set of 4 easy to use silicone cups that are perfect for at h...

Tension Climbing Simple Board 22in: Jug, 20mm, and 15mm

The Simple Board provides you with a concise yet versatile p...

Loop Resistance Band

BodySport Loop Resistance Bands are excellent for exercising...
Sale -20%

Digit Climbing Pinch Incut 2.5

The classic pinch for training. Its uncluttered sides, taper...
C$15.99 C$12.80
Sale -20%

Digit Climbing 5" Ball Jug

The judge balls are a must and ultra comfortable. They are p...
C$18.99 C$15.20

Metolius Screw-On Footholds 20 Pack

Screw-on footholds for your home wall.

Tension Climbing Simple Board 5.5in: Jug, 10mm, 8mm, and 6mm

A pair of 5.5" wide hangboards with 10mm, 8mm, 6mm edges, an...

Tension Climbing Simple Board 5.5in: Jug, 20mm, and 15mm

A pair of 5.5" wide hangboards with 20mm, 15mm edges, and a ...

Tension Climbing Block

Simply put, it’s a block of wood with an assortment of edg...

Tension Climbing Grindstone Mk2 Hangboard

The next evolution of Tension's flagship hangboard. Combinin...

OnSite Lifesaving O-Rings

Quality crafted Wooden Olympic rings. Beeswax wood finishing...

OnSite Lifesaving Para-Station

Quality crafterd Wooden Parallettes. Beeswax wood finishing ...
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