Wild Country

Wild Country is a world famous climbing brand that designs and creates high-quality rock climbing equipment from its base in the heart of UK’s famous rock climbing areas — the Peak District.

Watch Wild Country Crack School (Ep 8) — "Advanced Hands with the Wide Boyz"

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Wild Country Offset Zero Friend Set of 5

A set of your Offset Friends! Friends are the most iconic pr...

Wild Country Offset Zero Friend

Friends are the most iconic protection ever made and introdu...

Wild Country Ascent Lite Belay Carabiner

Using the superb Ascent Lite HMS screwgate karabiner as a st...

Wild Country Syncro Harness

A burly big wall harness that will go anywhere. The super-co...

Wild Country Mosquito Harness

Superlight, superfly – the Mosquito is an extremely light...

Wild Country Ropeman 1

"The original Ropeman has been a bestseller for over 10 year...

Wild Country Ascent Lite Screwgate

Shaped to maximise gate opening and optimise loading the Lit...

Wild Country Session Screwgate Carabiner

Wild Country's compact, easy-handling locking carabiner with...

Wild Country Session Quickdraw 6 Set

The Wild Country Session is a robust, durable and versatile ...

Wild Country Session Quickdraw

The Wild Country Session is a robust, durable and versatile ...

Wild Country Superlight Rock Set 1-6

Slim, light, flexible, and supremely agile in tight spots, t...

Wild Country Helium 3.0 Quickdraw

Heliums are the definitive 5 star choice for those who climb...

Wild Country Helium 3.0 Carabiner

The definitive on-sight trad ‘biner. High strength – low...

Wild Country Zero Friend Cam

Friends are the most iconic protection ever made. Throughout...

Wild Country Zero Friend Set - 0.4, 0.5, 0.75

The Wild Country Zero Friend 0.4, 0.5, 0.75, contains one of...

Wild Country Zero Friend Set - 0.1, 0.2, 0.3

The Wild Country Zero Friend 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, contains one of ...

Wild Country Trigger Repair Kits

Give your Friends a new lease of life with the Trigger Repai...

Wild Country Ropeman 2

Built with a stainless steel cam, the Ropeman 2 works with a...

Wild Country Friend Set 1-3

The Wild Country Friend Set 1,2,3, contains one of each size...

Wild Country Friend Set 0.4-0.75

A set of classic cam devices, upgraded to be faster, smoothe...

Wild Country Pro Key with Leash

The Pro-Key is a superb nut key with a host of great feature...

Wild Country Superlight Offset Rocks (Set 5 - 10)

Less is more. Subtle, superlight and secure, Superlight Offs...

Wild Country Friend Cam

Wild Country Friends are built with a twin axle. Robust and ...
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