Raumer specializes in the production of the most comprehensive range of anchor and bolting equipment for Climbing, Caving, Mountaineering and Canyoning alike.

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Raumer Superstar Glue-In Bolt-Setting Tool SDS

This simple device uses an SDS PLUS attachment and can be us...

Raumer 8mm Stainless Rap Ring

A stainless steel rappel ring helps you retrieve your climbi...

Raumer Superstar 10 x 80mm Glue-in Bolt 316L Stainless

It is undoubtedly the most commonly used resin anchor in the...

Raumer 3/8" 10mm Anchor Hanger-Chain-Ring

Stainless steel AISI 316L versatile belay station (WITH Ø10...

Raumer 3/8" 10mm Offset 2-Bolt Station 316L Stainless

Stainless Steel Belay Station with two round rings.

Raumer Lower-off Carabiner Captive-Eye 316L Stainless

New Stainless Steel Connector ideal for outdoor environme...

Raumer 3/8" 10mm 316L Stainless Bolt Hanger

Hanger that has become a classic in the mountaineering and ...

Raumer 3/8" 10mm Ring Rap Hanger

A very popular mountaineering, climbing and canyoning anchor...
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