Pongoose Ltd is a UK based climbing brand, spearheaded by Robin and Katie, born out of an idea for a new style of clipstick.

The Pongoose Mission Statement:

Pongoose is a brand that represents quality, fun and inspiration. Their ethos is to support all forms of climbing into an exciting new future with innovative products that do what they say on the tin, and do it well. With the arrival of the Pongoose Climber at a time when climbing is becoming more and more popular, and you hear of more and more injuries, it is evident that the old-school approach of refusing to clip the first bolt on a dodgy start because it’s ‘cheating’, has all but disappeared.

Pongoose firmly believes in celebrating and supporting the normal climber, whatever your grade, whatever your ability, whatever your age. They believe in having fun, challenging yourself and reaching new heights in your abilities, whilst avoiding injury. They hope to shake up some of the outdated approaches and attitudes that can sometimes exist in the climbing world and support individualism, self-belief and confidence for a more accessible climbing community.


The word pongoose comes from Katie’s sister, Steph, who made it up as the name for a slug when she was five years old, and it stuck. As you often see a pongoose or two down at the crags in the UK keeping you company whilst you climb, Rob and Katie thought it was a fun and different name for the new brand.  

If you see any out climbing, share your Pongoose photos and hashtag it on instagram: #pongoose #pushingthegrade