Organic Climbing

Organic Climbing Half Pad

C$139.00Excl. tax

A multi-use pad from Organic Climbing. Great for sessions where a lightweight pad is needed for climbing your usual circuit at the crag. Equally as useful when you need a little extra ground coverage.

Organic Climbing Full Pad

C$329.00Excl. tax

The Organic Full Pad has some of the best and most durable foam of any crash pad out there.

Organic Climbing Simple Pad

C$309.00Excl. tax

The best of both worlds, this design features a solid 1" layer of foam that extends across the entire top surface of the pad.

Organic Climbing Combo Pad

C$445.00Excl. tax

Organic Half Pad and Full Pad combined! Organic Crash pads features 1000d Cordura landing zone and high-quality cush' for your bouldering enjoyment

Organic Climbing Big Pad

C$539.00Excl. tax

This is one of the best big crash pads tested because of its awesome foam, durability and simplicity.

Organic Climbing is a manufacturer of custom crash pads, custom chalk bags, custom chalk buckets, bouldering mats, bouldering pads, and bouldering crash pads.
At Climb On, we suggest taking as many crash pads as you can when you boulder here in Squamish, because there are many different types of climbs here! For most, you may need only three crash pads, but once you start getting into the higher grades, like a V8+ route, you may need more.
It'll be easy to make friends here and use their bouldering mats, but you can come by our store to check some of the Organic pads we carry. But, we also rent Organic pads, which you can take and use for multiple days.