Organic Climbing

Organic Climbing is a manufacturer of custom crash pads, custom chalk bags, custom chalk buckets, bouldering mats, bouldering pads, and bouldering crash pads. In Squamish, we suggest taking as many crash pads as you can when you boulder here because there are many different types of climbs! For most, you may need only three crash pads, but once you start getting into the higher grades, like a V8+ route, you may need more. It'll be easy to make friends here and use their bouldering mats, but you can come by our store to check some of the Organic pads we carry. We also rent Organic pads, which you can take and use for multiple days.
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Organic Climbing Slider Pad

The Slider Pad is 23" x 35" x 1" of high density closed-cell...

Organic Climbing Replacement Shoulder Straps

All Organic Pads are designed with easily replaceable should...

Organic Climbing Blubber Pad

Here's the blubber for the outside of your landing zone, to ...

Organic Climbing Briefcase Pad

The 36" x 24" x 3" Briefcase Pad offers ninja speed and easy...

Organic Climbing 1" Chest Strap Buckle

A quickly removable sternum strap designed for replacement o...

Organic Climbing Climb On Chalk Bag

Every bag is unique! Colours and patterns vary when shipping...

Organic Climbing Climb On Lunch Bucket

Every bag is unique! Colours and patterns vary when shipping...

Organic Climbing Ditty Bag

Simplicity and function at its finest. 8"x5" zip bag perfect...

Organic Climbing Overnight Duffel

Larger in capacity than the Session Duffle, the Overnight du...

Organic Climbing Session Duffel

A perfectly sized gym duffel large enough to fit your gym ge...

Organic Climbing 1" Metal Crash Pad Buckle

This custom made strong metal buckle is designed with enough...

Organic Climbing 2" Hip Buckle

After the abuse climbers put their gear through, even the mo...

Organic Climbing Full Pad

The Organic Full Pad has some of the best and most durable f...

Organic Climbing Simple Pad

The best of both worlds, this design features a solid 1" lay...

Organic Climbing Combo Pad

Organic Half Pad and Full Pad combined! Organic Crash pads f...

Organic Climbing Big Pad

This is one of the best big crash pads tested because of its...
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