Mammut Twilight 7.5mm Dry

C$240.00Excl. tax

One of the thinnest and lightest double ropes! The 7.5 Twilight meets the standards for both half and twin ropes, making it the perfect companion for two-person rope teams on demanding rock, ice and in mixed climbs.

Mammut Rappel Kit

C$229.00Excl. tax

From the classic Titlis tour in Switzerland to the steep couloirs of Chamonix in France: Rappelling sequences have become an interesting component of ambitious freeride descents and ski tours.

Mammut Trion Pro Pack 35+7L

C$239.95Excl. tax

The Trion Pro is the perfect backpack for all alpinists with a no-compromise attitude to equipment.

Mammut Trion Guide 35+7L

C$215.00Excl. tax

Featuring the MOTION butterfly™ suspension system, a detachable flap, and ample side access, this backpack is not only robust and comfortable but also extremely versatile.

Mammut Crag Smart HMS

C$19.95Excl. tax

Mammut equipped the Crag Smart HMS Locking Carabiner with a safety gate to prevent cross-loading while belaying.

Mammut RescYou

C$155.00Excl. tax

This innovative rescue device is designed for crevasse falls. Use it for a self-rescue or to hoist another member of your rope team.

Mammut El Cap Helmet

C$85.00Excl. tax

The climbing helmet with style – the El Cap’s stylish design leaves no excuse for not wearing a helmet when climbing.

Mammut Wall Light Express Set
Sale 60cm 25% OFF

Mammut Wall Light Express Set

C$34.00 C$25.46Excl. tax

The lightest quickdraw from Mammut® for climbers and alpinists who prefer to be "light and fast".

Mammut 8.0mm Phoenix Dry Rope

C$165.00Excl. tax

Light half and twin rope with a small diameter and low impact force!

Mammut Trion Guide 45+7L

C$225.00Excl. tax

Featuring the MOTION butterfly™ suspension system, a detachable flap, and ample side access, this backpack is not only robust and comfortable but also extremely versatile.

Mammut 8.7mm Serenity Dry Rope

C$350.00Excl. tax

Triple-certified high-end rope for sports and alpine climbing at the highest level!

Mammut Trea Guide

C$214.95Excl. tax

The women’s version of the Trion Guide. Back length and shoulder straps are specially designed for the female figure.

Mammut Ophir Harness (Women's)

C$65.00Excl. tax

Known as the "Ophira Harness" in the past, the second generation of the sporty Ophir Women's harness is adapted to the female anatomy and based on the innovative Mammut® two-part webbing technology.

Mammut 8.5mm Genesis Dry

C$260.00Excl. tax

Robust double rope with high safety margins!

Mammut 9.8mm Eternity Dry Duodess

C$355.00Excl. tax

All-round rope for a huge range of applications! The 9.8 Eternity is the first choice when a very versatile rope with perfect handling is required. The DRY treatment guarantees long lasting protection from dirt and water.

Mammut Wall Wire Gate

C$10.95Excl. tax

This ultra light carabiner, which is very light for its size, features a large opening, which allows excellent handling, even while wearing gloves.

Mammut Ophir Harness

C$65.00Excl. tax

The second generation of the sporty Ophir harness is based on the innovative Mammut® two-part webbing technology and offers maximum comfort, excellent breathability and a huge range of movement.

Mammut Spindrift Guide

C$235.00Excl. tax

The Big Rig: Spacious, multi-featured backpack for day and multi-day skiing/backcountry tours.

Mammut Bionic Mytholito Screwgate

C$20.95Excl. tax

The new Bionic Mytholito is a small and very lightweight carabiner that can be used perfectly with any popular belay device or knot.

Mammut Mini Biner Bionic

C$5.50Excl. tax

The Mammut Mini Biner Bionic is perfect for holding your keys and other small accessories. (NOT FOR CLIMBING!)

Mammut Togir Chalk Bag

C$29.00Excl. tax

Technical chalk bag with large zippered pocket.

Mammut Wall Rider Helmet

C$125.00Excl. tax

A top-class, ultra-lightweight climbing helmet! The very low weight is achieved by using an EPP (expanded polypropylene) shell and an absolutely minimalist adjustment system.

Mammut 9.8mm Eternity Classic

C$189.00Excl. tax

A climbing rope designed for gym use. Great handling, low weight, sustained durability - the perfect all-around rope for sport climbing indoors.

Mammut Contact Sling 8mm

C$10.95Excl. tax

Mammut Contact Sling is a universal and super-light webbing sling on the mountains and cliffs of the world. Very strong webbing combined with the unique Contact stitching technique ensures optimum handling.

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