Mammut Liquid Chalk 200mL

C$15.95Excl. tax

When you're looking for a way to maintain grip where messy chalk residue will get you in trouble, put some Mammut Liquid Chalk on your finger tips and send it.

Mammut Rider Chalk Bag

C$29.95Excl. tax

Shape-retaining chalk bag with zip compartment.

Mammut Rope Bag LMNT

C$44.95Excl. tax

Durable, spacious rope bag in classic design.

Mammut Trion 35

C$249.95Excl. tax

The Trion 35 is the result of many years of experience with alpine backpacks: as well as traditionally top-class materials and workmanship

Mammut Trion 50

C$269.95Excl. tax

Many years of experience with alpine backpacks make the Trion 50 an essential companion in the mountains.

Mammut W's Hueco Knit Low

C$179.00Excl. tax

Mammut W's Hueco Knit Low is a lightweight approach and everyday shoe for the warm season. An outsole made from a Michelin® rubber blend for optimum grip.

Mammut M's Hueco Knit Low

C$179.00Excl. tax

The Hueco Knit Low Men incorporates all the features of this approach and everyday shoe in a model for warmer days: excellent grip on rock, pleasant damping thanks to the midsole and stability and safety with the TPU heel stabilizer.

Mammut W's Hueco Low LTH
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Mammut W's Hueco Low LTH

C$199.00 C$149.25Excl. tax

The Mammut Hueco Low LTH Women accompanies you wherever your feet take you. The sole's Michelin® rubber blend gives you optimal grip on any surface, while the rubber toe cap protects you from shocks.

Mammut M's Hueco Low LTH
Sale 25% OFF

Mammut M's Hueco Low LTH

C$199.00 C$149.25Excl. tax

Comfortable on the foot: the Hueco Low LTH Men offers you high-quality nubuck leather for improved pressure distribution and well-being with every step.

Mammut 10.5mm Performance Static Full Spool

C$625.00Excl. tax

This static rope is highly abrasion-resistant, very low stretch, maximum strength, extremely durable and has a long service life.

Mammut 9.2 Revelation Dry

C$399.95Excl. tax

A top-class single rope! Its small diameter and low weight provide optimum handling when climbing and belaying. The DRY version of the 9.2 Revelation is a perfect companion for alpine adventures.

Mammut Wall Micro Oval Straight Gate

C$12.95Excl. tax

Because of its symmetrical shape, the ultra-lightweight Wall Micro Oval is ideal for creating belay stations or transporting gear on your climbing harness on alpine or Big Wall climbs.

Mammut Helmet Holder Pro

C$41.00Excl. tax

The helmet Holder Pro can be completely closed, protecting and storing different sized helmets for skiing, alpine climbing or mountaineering.

Mammut Crag Wire Gate Carabiner

C$8.95Excl. tax

The Wire Gate version of the Crag sports climbing carabiner features impressive Mammut® quality and excellent handling.

Mammut 10mm Performance Static (sold per metre)

C$3.20Excl. tax

Sold by the meter only // Mammut's Performance Static is an extremely durable static line.

Mammut Nirvana Pro 35L

C$239.95Excl. tax

High-performance and functional touring/freeride backpack for ski or snowboard tours of one or more days.

Mammut Boulder Chalk Can

C$49.95Excl. tax

Boulder Chalk Bag with a difference. The white gold is stored in the absolutely dustproof can.

Mammut Smart HMS Locking Carabiner

C$19.95Excl. tax

Mammut equipped the Crag Smart HMS Locking Carabiner with a safety gate to prevent cross-loading while belaying.

Mammut Crag HMS Screw Gate

C$13.95Excl. tax

Robust and stylish HMS carabiner with Key Lock nose and Screw Gate locking mechanism.

Mammut 9.5 Infinity Dry Duodess Rope

C$365.00Excl. tax

Small dimeter, low weight and high performance with the long lasting dry treatment make this the perfect do everything lead rope!

Mammut Alugator Guide Shovel

C$85.00Excl. tax

The Alugator Guide offers the ideal balance between a robust, ergonomically shaped D-grip and a space-saving blade design for optimal shovel control. The variable shaft positioning also allows the shovel to be used as a 90° pick.

Mammut Zephir Alpine Harness
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Mammut Zephir Alpine Harness

C$105.00 C$78.75Excl. tax

The Zephir Alpine finds demanding combined walls to prove itself on all over the world: from Alaska to Patagonia and from the classics in Chamonix to the north face of the Eiger!

Mammut Bionic Mytholito Screwgate

C$20.95Excl. tax

The new Bionic Mytholito is a small and very lightweight carabiner that can be used perfectly with any popular belay device or knot.

Mammut Crag Express Set

C$22.95Excl. tax

The ultimate for ambitious sports climbing. The stylish and user-friendly Crag carabiner allows you to quickly and safely attach the quickdraw.

Mammut has decades of experience and in-depth knowledge on climbing ropes, clothing, sleeping bags, shoes, and accessories. In Squamish, Climb On Equipment carries a wide range of Mammut ropes, chalk bags, carabiners, quickdraws, helmets, harnesses... and a whole slew of discounted Mammut apparel!