La Sportiva

La Sportiva Mantra Pant (Women's)

C$135.00Excl. tax

A highly functional all synthetic climbing pant built with articulated knees, diamond gusset crotch and buckets of other climbing features. Super comfortable for long days filled with sending!

La Sportiva Bolt Pant
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La Sportiva Bolt Pant

C$119.00 C$89.25Excl. tax

A functionally simplistic pant made with organic cotton. These trousers let you focus on your objectives by reducing any distractions.

La Sportiva Genius
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La Sportiva Genius

C$235.00 C$188.00Excl. tax

The tip of the spear: a high-end lace-up climbing shoe with No-Edge™ Technology. The highest performance climbing shoe on the market.

La Sportiva TX Top T-Shirt

C$59.00Excl. tax

Designed for alpine climbing, the TX Top t-shirt is breathable and stretchy.

La Sportiva Solution Pant

C$159.00Excl. tax

The Solution Pant is made with a stretch cordura fabric that is technical and durable. It is an exceptional pant for climbing.

La Sportiva Skwama

C$178.00Excl. tax

The comfort of a slipper coupled with the snug fit of a hook and loop closure, the Skwama promises precision and performance.

La Sportiva Arco Pant

C$145.00Excl. tax

A comfortable pant with full range of movement, you may just want to buy two!

La Sportiva Temple Pant (Women's)
Sale 25% OFF

La Sportiva Temple Pant (Women's)

C$119.00 C$89.25Excl. tax

A functionally simplistic pant made with organic cotton. These stylish pants let you focus on your objectives by reducing any distractions.

La Sportiva Rocklands Hoody

C$109.00Excl. tax

The Rocklands Hoody is made from lightweight cotton fleece offering the ideal balance between warmth, weight and functionality.

La Sportiva TX4 Mid GTX

C$255.00Excl. tax

A technical, mid-cut, waterproof leather boot designed to excel in technical terrain in the mountains with a heavy load.

La Sportiva Bushido (Women's)
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La Sportiva Bushido (Women's)

C$152.00 C$99.00Excl. tax

With performance driven design, the Bushido is perfect for technical terrain and provides added stability over stones, roots and branches on the trail.

La Sportiva Testarossa

C$218.00Excl. tax

A high performance shoe for steep sport routes and difficult bouldering.

La Sportiva Miura (Women's)

C$205.00Excl. tax

A high performance shoe for edging control and pocket climbing performance.

La Sportiva Futura

C$225.00Excl. tax

A high performance no edge climbing shoe that excels at all modern sport and bouldering applications.

La Sportiva Mythos

C$181.00Excl. tax

A high performance shoe that does everything and fits everyone.

La Sportiva Otaki

C$222.00Excl. tax

Performance climbing shoe, precise, supportive and structured: ideal for climbing on crags, walls and boulders.

La Sportiva TX Light Jacket (Women's)

C$179.00Excl. tax

Technical soft-shell jacket designed for alpine climbing or multi-pitch.

La Sportiva Bleauser Short

C$99.00Excl. tax

A functional short ideal for intense bouldering and training sessions.

La Sportiva Solution

C$228.00Excl. tax

A high performance climbing shoe purposely built to provide the solution for modern bouldering problems.

La Sportiva Wildcat 3.0

C$145.00Excl. tax

These shoes have superior traction and downhill braking stability, making them ideal for racing through technical terrain. Built on a medium to wide last.

La Sportiva Clipper Pant

C$135.00Excl. tax

A versatile and technical pant that provides everything you need for any hiking or climbing adventure.

La Sportiva TC Pro

C$230.00Excl. tax

The ultimate technical big wall, free climbing shoe developed in collaboration with Tommy Caldwell.

La Sportiva Belay Short

C$122.00Excl. tax

The ultimate all day synthetic cragging shorts built for comfort while wearing a harness.

La Sportiva Stripe Logo T-Shirt

C$45.00Excl. tax

The stripe 2.0 Tee has an updated graphic and 100% organic cotton fabric. This shirt allows perfect freedom of movement and excellent all day comfort.

La Sportiva's mission is to produce innovative products and provide you with the best technical products, whether you are climbing in British Columbia's Tantalus range, or somewhere in Italy climbing the Dolomites. Being mountain based and family run, La Sportiva draws on eight decades of experience, focusing on melding new technologies, and manufacturing amazing products on the market.