Gear Loop Topo

Get the most practical topos for your next multi-pitch climbing adventure at Climb On Squamish with Gear Loop Topos!

Advantages over Traditional Guide Book

  • Practical easy to cary size (6"x4")
  • Ultra light and full color
  • Strong and waterproof lamination
  • Easy to consult on lead
  • Sold individually
  • Easy to keep route beta up to date
  • Small cordelette included to attach the topo¬†
    to the gearloop of your harness

General Route Information

  • Route name and grade
  • Quality rating (1-5 stars)
  • Route location
  • Photo of wall with line of ascent indicated
  • Typical sun exposure
  • Useful gear and rope advice
  • Icons indicating if the route is usually busy,
    or easy or spicy for the grade

Approach Information

  • Approach description
  • Graphical map of the approach
  • Average approach time

Climbing Information

  • Detailed and accurate topo
  • Pitch by pitch description
  • Popular variations indicated
  • Pitch length for each pitch
  • Belay comfort for each belay
  • Type of belay (gear/bolts/slings)
  • Average time required for climb

Descent Information

  • Descent description
  • Graphical map of the descent (if required)
  • Average descent time