FIXE Hardware

Fixehardware was established in 1992 to deliver anchoring products designed specifically for rock climbing. Their products are manufactured in Spain using certified materials and passing the CE / UIAA certification process for quality and safety. The product designs are based on the needs of the indoor and outdoor climbing community, construction and industrial markets, rigging and rope access professionals.

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FIXE Hardware PLX/Duplex SS Rappel Ring

Fixe Rappel Ring Anchors are made from 10mm rod stock and ar...

FIXE Hardware PLX/Duplex SS 3/8" Ring Anchor

The FIXE Ring Anchor is our most popular Top Anchor unit. A ...

FIXE Hardware PLX/Duplex SS 3/8" Hanger + Chain + Ring Anchor

The FIXE Chain Anchor was developed at the request of many c...

FIXE Hardware SS 1/2" Hanger

The Fixe Stainless Steel (SS) Hanger - 1/2 inch is one of th...

FIXE Hardware SDS 3/8"x6" Drill Bit

A 3/8" drill bit for all those new routes you plan on puttin...

FIXE Hardware Alien Revolution Double Sling

The Alien Revolution cams feature the same great performance...

FIXE Hardware Original Alien Repair Kit

Replacement kits for Alien Cams currently available in US an...
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