E9 W's ILI Denim Pant W18

C$139.00Excl. tax

The E9 Ili Denim Pant is an urban climbing trouser; designed for all climbers who want comfort fit.  Made with stretchy denim and hand crafted in Italy.

E9 W's Onda Slim Pant W18

C$139.00Excl. tax

A wonderful urban climbing trouser, the E9 Women's Onda Slim Pant is comfortable and stylish!

E9 M's Rondo Story Classic W18

C$139.00Excl. tax

The E9 M's Rondo Story Classic climbing pant has a super comfortable knitted waistband that closes with a zipper and snap.

E9 W's Mix Pant S18
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E9 W's Mix Pant S18

C$129.00 C$97.00Excl. tax

With fantastic details, immerse yourself in its contrasting seams, and be bewitched by the oval pockets. The E9 Mix Pants are the pair of pants for you!

E9 M's Mon 10 Pants W18

C$139.00Excl. tax

The E9 Mon 10 climbing pants is made with high cotton content making it very comfortable and breathable to climb!

E9 Woodbrush

C$11.00Excl. tax

The E9 woodbrush is ergonomic in shape and made with natural bristles.

E9 Is Wool Hat W18

C$36.00Excl. tax

The E9 Is Hat is a cozy, chunky wool hat with colourful stripes in trendy colors and warm fleece lining.

E9 Jam Hat/Neckband W18

C$32.00Excl. tax

The E9 Jam hat is a warm toque that's both comfortable and stylish. It can double as a neckband.

E9 Varbis Hat W18

C$39.00Excl. tax

The E9 Varbis woollen hat comes in a different variety of colourful stripes to get you noticed on winter crag days

E9 Kids' B Blat 2 Pant W18

C$89.00Excl. tax

With the Kids B Blat 2, E9 has made a comfortable pair of bouldering trousers specifically for children!

E9 Kids' B Mago Pant W18

C$89.00Excl. tax

The E9 B Mago is a discreet plaid children's pants in jeans style with quilted seams, back saddle, and belt loops.

E9 Kids' B Chestnut Long Sleeve W18

C$39.00Excl. tax

Comfortably light and stylish E9 long sleeve jersey for your outdoorsy kids!

E9 W's Teresa Sweater W18

C$119.00Excl. tax

The E9 Teresa Sweater is a casual women's sweater in trendy rooster tread pattern and "Woolwood" design.

E9 M's Spiros Hoody W18

C$129.00Excl. tax

Men's stylish and warm hoodie. The E9 Spiros Hoody is a casual men's hooded sweater in trendy rooster tread pattern and "Woolwood" design.

E9 M's Stripe On W18

C$65.00Excl. tax

The E9 Stripe On Longsleeve is made of breathable, comfortable material with stretch properties; ideal shirt for climbing and bouldering on rocks or indoors.

E9 M's Band Hoody W18

C$109.00Excl. tax

The E9 Band Heavy Hoody is a warm cozy hoody for throwing on in-between boulder problems.

E9 Kids' B Rufo Pant W18

C$85.00Excl. tax

The B Rufo by E9 is a comfortable pair of climbing pants for your youngin'. It features a super comfortable elastic waistband printed with a graphic pattern.

E9 Kids' B Andrè Pants W18

C$65.00Excl. tax

The E9 Andrea pants is one of our most popular women's pant, now available for kids! They're comfortable and trendy for both climbing and street wear.

E9 Kids' B Rondo Pants W18

C$89.00Excl. tax

The E9 B Rondo Kids Pants are really comfortable and provide good freedom of movement that make difficult maneuvers a breeze.

E9 W's Mix Pant W18

C$135.00Excl. tax

The E9 Mix Pants are a great, all-round climbing trousers. With a drawcord waist, and the mix of cotton and elastane, these pants are made for you to move freely on anything from short boulder problems to long multi-pitch routes.

E9 W's Mago Pants W18

C$139.00Excl. tax

The E9 Mago Women's pants are made of durable, breathable cotton with an elastane weave for stretch and unrestricted movement on the rock.

E9 W's Scintilla Pant W18

C$139.00Excl. tax

The E9 Scintilla Women's Pants have creative cut pockets on the front and back. These pants have belt loops and contrasting double seams for a jean-style look.

E9 W's Berta Pants W18

C$139.00Excl. tax

The E9 Berta Pants are ideal for climbing outdoors or indoors; designed for all climbers who want comfort fit. DryTech offers grip and practicality. A high waist with a drawstring at the bottom of the leg to lock it to the ankle.

E9 W's Onda Slim Art Pant W18

C$139.00Excl. tax

A classic E9 model, redesigned with new printed fabrics. These are your go-to climbing pants. Elastic, comfortable, and stylish!

Shop E9 Canada

E9 is the number one, top selling climbing and urban brand in Europe, and it's now available in Canada! E9's original design and top quality fabric goes hand in hand with a comfort fit ideal for rock climbing, bouldering, trad, and even urban wear.

All E9 clothing items are manufactured in Italy on a bi-annual basis, depending on the season. Seasonal orders arrive in April and October. Once a specific item sells out, we will not receive more until the next season goes into production. For season specific items, we mean up to one year. In other cases, it would be a maximum of 6 months.

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