C.A.M.P. (Conception of Articles for Mountaineering Made in Premana) was formed in 1889 high in the mountains of Premana, Italy 103 years after the first ascent of Mont Blanc. At that time, Nicola Codega – the grandfather of the current owners – was a blacksmith producing a wide range of products from wrought iron like cutting implements and bells. The culture of iron and its workings had taken root in Premana during the 1800’s when the iron mines in the valley experienced heavy exploitation.

Over the next 50 years, C.A.M.P. went on to develop not only ice axes, but new items such as crampons, hammers, pitons and nuts. The C.A.M.P. range grew with strong products in every line and the company’s natural expansion soon stretched beyond Italy and Europe and emerged successfully at the international level.

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CAMP Goblin

The Goblin fall-arrester represents a monumental step forwar...

CAMP Orbit Lock 2020 Screwgate Carabiner

The new body design of the Orbit Lock adds strength and rigi...

CAMP M45 Alpine Climbing Pack

The M45 combines the capacity of a large pack with the stabi...

CAMP M30 Alpine Climbing Pack

30 liters is a great size for one-day excursions in the back...

CAMP Sphinx Pro Pulley

A super-compact, lightweight and easy-handling pulley with f...

CAMP Nano 22 KS Dyneema Quickdraw 18cm

A great draw for multi-pitch sport and alpine rock climbing.

CAMP Nitro Lock Screwgate Carabiner

One of the lightest HMS locking carabiners in the world.

CAMP Orbit Lock 2020 Screwgate 3 Pack

The body design of the Orbit Lock adds strength and rigidity...

CAMP Photon Lock Screwgate Carabiner

The Photon Lock is the anchor carabiner of choice for alpini...

CAMP Axe Spike/Pick Protector

A rubber protector that fits the spike of traditional ice ax...

CAMP Ultimate Reality Piton

When faced with incipient cracks, the Ultimate Reality Piton...

CAMP Axe Head Protector

Classic rubber guard that keeps the pick and adze from teari...

CAMP Oval Quick Link 8 mm Stainless

CE certified stainless steel oval quick links for setting up...

CAMP Universal Piton

The pointed wedge shape of the Universal piton fits the most...

CAMP Corner Piton

The U shape of the shaft on the Corner piton adds an additio...

CAMP Baby Angle Piton

These tiny angle pitons are invaluable for protecting shallo...

CAMP Ovo Belay Plate

Auto-Locking belay for one or two followers.

CAMP Gym Safe Cable Express

Steel cable perma-draws equipped with a burly 10 mm steel Ov...

CAMP Mach Express Alpine Draws 60cm 4 Pack

The Mach Express Alpine Draw excels in each of these areas a...

CAMP Oval Quick Link 5 mm Stainless

Stainless steel oval quick link for setting up rappels, equi...

CAMP Hammer Holder

Can be attached securely to any size belt or harness. Durabl...

CAMP Rewind Hammer Leash

Elasticized rewind webbing leash for securing a hammer to a ...

CAMP Knifeblade Piton

CAMP Knifeblade Tapered Pitons designed to fit extremely thi...

CAMP Tricam Evo

Some simple engineering provides a second chock possibility ...
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