Binary Climbing Holds

Binary Climbing Holds Hoodoo V.2 Climbing Hold Set 5pc

Killer footholds. Awesome finger catch.

Binary Climbing Holds Blur Climbing Hold Set 5pc

Teardrop shaped slopers, They don’t all have the same text...

Binary Climbing Holds Tykes Climbing Hold Set 10pc

The smallest jugs they make, you could also call them finger...

Binary Climbing Holds Grit Bits Climbing Hold Set 10pc

Grit Series: Made for the masochistic among us. They have bi...

Binary Climbing Holds Golden Ticket Climbing Hold Set 5pc

Wrap your hand around these high profile small pinches for a...

Binary Climbing Holds Binary Big Bend Climbing Hold Set 5pc

Scooped sloping edges that are just incut enough to be fanta...

Binary Climbing Holds Fast and Furious Climbing Hold Set 5pc

You’ll want to be moving fast through these sloping one ha...

Binary Climbing Holds Binary Beaked Climbing Hold Set 5pc

These are large positive feet that can be flipped around to ...
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