BÉAL has strong values and convictions that are rooted in the history of climbing and mountain sports. This history has been their spring board for developing innovative products over the past 30 years; to push back the limits of what can be explored and guarantee you unfailing safety.

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Beal Air Force 2 Belay Device

This belay device can be used with single, double or twin ro...

Beal Rope Out

A bag for storing ropes for glacier hiking and mountaineerin...

Beal Folio Rope Bag

A bag that unfolds on the ground to protect the rope.

Beal Escaper

This detachable rappelling device allows you to descend on a...

Beal Jammy

5.5mm sewn rope sling for self-locking knots made with an ar...

Beal Beal 8mm Rando Dry Rope

The 8mm 30m Beal Rando Dry Rope is exactly what you need for...

Beal 9.7mm Booster III Unicore Dry Cover Safe Control Rope

Beal® puts emphasis on building ropes that reduce overall i...

Beal 9.1mm Joker Unicore Dry Rope

A single, double, and twin rope, the JOKER combines lightnes...

Beal 8.5mm Opera Unicore Dry Rope

One of the lightest and thinnest single ropes on the market ...
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