E9 Rondo Slim Pant S17

C$135.00Excl. tax

The E9 Rondo Slim are great bouldering pants. They are really comfortable and provide good freedom of movement that make difficult maneuvers a breeze.

E9 Blat 1 S17

C$139.00Excl. tax

The E9 BLAT 1 are unrestricted loose-cut pants that make your climbing flow. Two front circle-cut pockets and one round pocket offer plenty of storage.

E9 Onda S17 (Women's)

C$129.00Excl. tax

The E9 ONDA is a comfortable, slightly baggier pant designed for climbing movements. The patterned round pockets give it a nice elegant touch.

E9 Rondo Story S17

C$135.00Excl. tax

The E9 RONDO STORY is a different version of the classic RONDO. Contrasting colour pockets and stitches around them make your climbing fun and comfortable.

E9 3Qart S17

C$115.00Excl. tax

These 3Qart pants/shorts are made of a stretchy material, which not only makes for a great fit, but also provides optimal freedom of movement whilst bouldering.

E9 Ondina S17 (Women's)

C$125.00Excl. tax

The E9 Women's Ondina climbing trousers look great on those warm summer day on the rocks. But, the trousers don't just look good - they will provide you with everything you need for your fun day of climbing!

E9 HIT Pant S17 (Women's)

C$99.00Excl. tax

The E9 HIT pant is a versatile model ideal for climbing, yoga, and street wear.

E9 R3 Shorts S17

C$115.00Excl. tax

The E9 R3 is a three quarter length climbing/bouldering pant that will give you everything you need for loads of climbing fun!

E9 Blat 2
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E9 Blat 2

C$145.00Excl. tax

The E9 BLAT 2 won't go unnoticed. Original colourful applications and contrasting pockets come with comfort and sturdy material.

E9 Rondo Art S17

C$139.00Excl. tax

The Rondo Art is one of E9's best selling pant model. Comfortable, durable and slim fitting, they guarantee the greatest possible freedom of movement. Suitable for all types of climbing.

E9 Onda Slim (Women's)

C$139.00Excl. tax

Crafted from the heavier weight cotton fabric it boasts the same classic features as the other best selling Onda models but with added warmth.

E9 45 Zip Hoody

C$130.00Excl. tax

The E9 45 Zipped Hoody is a light fleece, perfect for the crag or gym session.

E9 Lili (Women's)

C$135.00Excl. tax

The E9 LILI pant features sophisticated look and great climbing performance with its articulated knees and stretchy feel.

E9 Onda Story (Women's)

C$139.00Excl. tax

E9 Onda Story is a blend of cotton and spandex that makes it very comfortable to wear, yet flexible for performing outrageous moves on rock.

E9 Lem Pant S17 (Women's)

C$99.00Excl. tax

The E9 LEM is the most wanted women pant. The striped roll-top band makes it trendy both for climbing and street wear.

E9 Nat Hoody S17 (Women's)

C$99.00Excl. tax

The E9 Women's Nat Hoody is a fantastic hoodie for any occasion!

E9 Andrea (Women's)

C$109.00Excl. tax

The wide elastic waistband of these Andrea climbing pants by E9 for ladies is what it looks like - super comfortable!

E9 Fior S17 (Women's)

C$125.00Excl. tax

With the E9 Women's Fior pants, your day of climbing will be quite the treat!

E9 R3 Shorts

C$119.00Excl. tax

The E9 R3 is a three quarter length climbing pant with flexible, stretch cotton and circle pockets.

E9 Neve (Women's)

C$129.00Excl. tax

A lightweight versatile climbing pant for indoor, sport, bouldering or lifestyle.

E9 Montone Dump

C$135.00Excl. tax

A best-seller, the E9 Montone dump are lightweight quick-drying pants designed for climbing movements.

E9 is the number 1 top selling climbing and urban brand in Europe, and it's now available in Canada! E9's original design and top quality fabric goes hand in hand with a comfort fit ideal for rock climbing, bouldering, trad, and even urban wear.

All E9 clothing items are manufactured in Italy on a bi-annual basis, depending on the season. Seasonal orders arrive in April and October. Once a specific item sells out, we will not receive more until the next season goes into production. For season specific items, we mean up to one year. In other cases, it would be a maximum of 6 months.

Climb On is not only the largest retailer of E9 in Canada, but we are also the distributor. If your retail store or climbing gym would like to sell E9 please contact us at e9canada@climbonsquamish.com.

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